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Our Mission:

To improve student mental health across Canada by educating and empowering youth, teachers, and caregivers to successfully adapt and overcome life's challenges through education, training, and sharing personal stories. 

Real Stories

Real Resources

Real Impact

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The Faces Behind Rethinking Resilience

After overcoming a variety of Adverse Childhood Experiences in their youth, Alison and Danielle transformed their pain into purpose and created careers in counseling, coaching, trauma awareness, and education. Their paths crossed when they met in a professional development training many years ago, and they quickly realized they shared a similar dream; to provide youth with the resources to navigate the ups and downs of life they wish they had growing up. Alison and Danielle created Rethinking Resilience programs, workshops, and online resources to educate, empower, and inspire youth, teachers, and caregivers to move forward from life's challenges and lead themselves to where they want to be, no matter what has happened in the past.

Resources For Students 

It's no secret that students are struggling today. Alison and Danielle were once struggling students too. They combine their real-life resiliency stories as well as their educational backgrounds to deliver fundamental, inspiring presentations to students in grades 7-12. 

photo of alison speaking on a stage

In-person and Online Wellness Presentations 

Alison and Danielle have a total of 20+ years of combined experience in speaking, training, and facilitating presentations for students, teachers, and parents. 

Their keynote presentation Rethinking Resilience was born out of the desire to give students the tools and awareness to see challenges through a new lens, increase self-confidence, and walk away with resources for resilience!

Online Resources 

With their educational backgrounds in psychology, social work, counseling, coaching, and trauma awareness, Alison and Danielle know the importance of having access to resources when you need them. That's why they've created an interactive Rethinking Resilience Workbook to help you wherever you are and whenever you might need it!


"I wish  I had this information starting high school but I'm glad I've learned it now. This is information everyone should know."

— Laurier University Student

Resources For Teachers

Teachers wear many hats these days, and it's no secret that they are struggling too. Alison and Danielle have both seen and witnessed this while visiting and working in different schools and believe teachers are the glue that holds education together. They use their trauma awareness, education, coaching, and counseling backgrounds to bring a refreshing take on wellness practices that support teachers and students both in and outside of the classroom.

Crowd Applauding

Professional Development Workshops

Alison and Danielle have personally witnessed the burnout, compassion fatigue, and lack of resources teachers have when it comes to all of the responsibilities they have in the classroom. This why they've created workshops designed to not only empower and support educators in their personal and professional lives but to fill the gap in resources they've been missing when it comes to meeting the needs of and supporting students in their classrooms. 

Online Resources For Teachers

Many of the teachers Alison and Danielle have talked to over the years express their frustration when it comes to finding resources to support themselves and students in the classroom. That's why they've created resources for teachers so they can incorporate more ways to support themselves, their students, and the overall well-being of the classroom. 

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"My students loved the RR presentation. It opened the door for important and honest conversations. The resources they provided both in the presentation and afterward were incredibly valuable and tools I will use with students for years to come."

— YCDSB Teacher

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