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Rethinking Resilience 

A Leader in Resiliency Education and Resources


With mental health challenges on the rise in students and skyrocketing burnout rates in teachers, it's obvious that more support and resources are needed. At Rethinking Resilience we believe wellness education is a necessary part of achieving academic success. It's our goal to see a world where students and teachers are no longer struggling to choose between focusing on their mental well-being and their grades or careers. Instead, wellness education and resources are embedded in curriculums, positively changing how students and teachers respond to challenges at school and providing the fundamental tools they need to succeed in all areas of life.

Meet the Team

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Alison Foy


Alison Foy is a coach, mentor, and speaker who after struggling to cope with the terminal illness and death of her father while she was in high school, completely turned her life around and has been on a path of empowering others to do the same for over 10 years. After formally studying psychology, different therapies, NLP, holistic health, and obtaining formal coaching and training certifications, she started her career working and speaking to youth all over the GTA with several different companies. She now works with and speaks to people all over the world and teaches them how to use the power of their minds, connect to the wisdom within, and confidently embrace life around them as they move forward achieving their goals.

Danielle St John

Co- Founder

Danielle St John is a Registered Social Worker, Counsellor, Coach, speaker and mom of two amazing boys. Danielle has worked for many years with youth and families both within various Social Service Agencies and within the school system. After experiencing a range of adverse childhood experiences, and becoming a teen mom, Danielle made a decision to start living her life with intent and purpose. Danielle has an excellent understanding of how unique each individual, child and families needs may be. Using her Social Service Work, Counselling, Trauma Therapy and NLP background, Danielle helps to guide and support people on their journey through personal growth and transformation.

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“It's exactly what students need to hear. Life is not going to be adversity-free. It's important to build the skills needed to face those challenges."

— YCDSB Teacher

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