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Please read this policy carefully prior to using By using this site, you are consenting to this Disclaimer in its entirety. You agree that you have had time to review the site and this policy, and that you have been given time to seek independent legal advice prior to its use. You agree and understand that you have no obligation, legal or otherwise, to use this site or any of its services. For general questions please contact


1. Definitions:
● “The Company,” refers to that of LEGAL COMPANY NAME, in her capacity of owner, manager, coach, mentor, and owner of
● “Content” includes but is not limited to rethinkingresilience, programs, groups, video’s, blogs, worksheets, podcasts, email communication received from , paid programming, downloadable materials etc.
● “You” or “User” or “Users” means those that utilize this information, a customer, or customers, a viewer of the site of

2. Purpose of Materials: contains, courses, services, and products. The information provided is for educational purposes only and does not constitute any type of advice (legal, medical, financial or other). The purchase, download or transmission of any of the content offered by the company, does not constitute a binding relationship with any other person or organization.


3. Opinions and examples used for training purposes: 

The opinions expressed, discussed or examples utilized in the content are for training purposes only. There may be topics of sensitive nature and users should be aware and use at their own risk. They are not intended to be discriminatory, insulting, defamatory or directed at any specific person, persons or groups of people etc. rethinkingresilience will not be held responsible for comments made and or expressed as they are only used for the purposes of providing further training, discussion, guidance and coaching. If you do not agree, do not continue on this site.

4. Information Not a Substitute for Professional Advice:
The content contained on rethinkingresilience is not a substitute for legal, medical, mental health, financial or any other professional advice. The company provides tools, resources and coaching to assist you on your journey, but does not take the place of any other professionals. Always utilize the information contained within this site in conjunction with the appropriate professional. Failure to do so can cause you damage. Should such damage occur, the company shall not be held liable.


5. No Warranties, Guarantees, or Representations:
The company maintains this site and its contents, however, we do not warranty, guarantee or represent that the paid courses, services, and private discussion group(s), are accurate, complete, reliable, or free of any errors. A user should always be conscious that their unique situation may not be covered within our materials.

6. Testimonials/Examples:
The testimonials or examples on the companies’ site, are provided by the general public and former clients. They are not meant to be taken as a claim that you, the user, will experience similar results. The testimonials are not meant to represent or guarantee any results.


7. Accuracy of Personal Information Provided:
You may from time to time need to provide personal information to better assist the company in providing suitable advice on services that the company provides or that of its affiliates. You agree that any information you provide on our website is information you are providing of your own free will and voluntarily. The company relies on the information you provide, however if the information you provide is not accurate, the company will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or information the company provides in return.

8. Use of information:
Is it the sole responsibility and discretion of the user to apply the information provided by at their own risk. The information provided may have steps that should be taken in a specific situation or order and lack of follow through on the part of the user may result in their own damages. You are the user are solely responsible for your actions, inactions, lack of seeking professional help or advice, and using due diligence in ensuring the information provided is suitable for your own personal use. The company will not be held responsible for any damages, losses etc. Should the user not follow the instructions, or seek the appropriate advice before implementing or during the process.


Effective as of Feb 28, 2023  

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