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Rethinking Resilience Official Workbook

After living through a variety of Adverse Childhood Experiences as children and teens, we funny enough both followed a similar path and created careers in counseling, coaching, trauma awareness, and education. When we met in a professional development training many years ago, we quickly realized that we shared a similar dream; to provide youth and young adults with the resources to navigate the ups and downs of life that we wish we had while growing up.


Rethinking Resilience was created to educate, empower, and inspire youth and young adults to move forward from life's challenges and lead themselves to where they want to be no matter what has happened in the past.


We both know the importance of having access to resources when you need them, especially on a healing journey, and that's why we created this interactive workbook to help you whenever you are. The information you will be learning is a combination of what we've formally learned and studied as well as things we've created in our work together. 


There are over 50 pages of tools and strategies to help you strengthen and maintain your mental health and well-being, exercises to help you embody the most confident version of yourself, and resources you can use wherever and whenever you need them!


Once purchased, you'll receive four things:

  •  A downloadable PDF after your purchase is complete (this is for proof of purchase and is not the actual product).
  • An email with the interactive link with a password-protected flipbook. This is the link that has embedded video and audio.
  • The email will also include a PDF of fillable handouts. 
  • A link to join the Rethinking Resilience Community 


We are grateful you are here and hope you find the resources in this ebook as empowering and life-changing as we have over the years.


With gratitude, 

Alison & Danielle

Rethinking Resilience Official Workbook

Excluding GST/HST
  • Topics covered in this workbook are: 

    • Understanding Resilience 
    • Mindset Shifting 
    • Setting and Achieving Goals (What we call the 3-steps to success) 
    • Understanding Identity To Increase Self-Esteem
    • The Unconcious Mind & Releasing The Past
    • Understanding & Processing Emotions in Healthy Ways
    • Stopping Cycles & Breaking Patterns Through Forgiveness Work
    • Self-Care & Self-Growth Tools
    • Boundaries & Saying No 
    • Tools For Nervous System Regulation 
    • Energetic Techniques for grounding and cleansing
    • An Appendix With Resources That Include Handouts & Links To The Following: Reframing Thought Patterns & Limiting Beleifs, Journal Prompts, Intention & Affirmation Setting, Self-Care Examples, Somatic Release Exercises, Breathing Exercises, Meditations, and links to our favorite books. 


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